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What is Blanddet about?

Simply – you can create your own favourite breakfast mix within few clicks.

How does it work?

If you want to create your own mix – at the first step, you will choose the base. You can choose a base you are used to eat for breakfast, or you can try something new. Then, you can add whatever you like – a bit of fruit, a bit of nuts or maybe even a bit of chocolate (we will not tell anyone) :).

When you choose all the ingredients you like, you can give a name to your mix and then put it in the basket.

Then the following steps are the same as at every e-shop – you give us the name and the address, where you order is to be shipped, how the order is to be delivered and your e-mail for the information regarding the order.
The last step is, of course, a payment :).

After few days, you will receive your mix you created in our special designed cylinder packaging.

If this process seems far too complicated, you can always choose from our premade options, which are created with a focus on a balance of ingredients together with a great taste.

How is my mix prepared?

All our mixes are being prepared manually, individually and with love ❤.

How much does the delivery cost?

We deliver only in Denmark.

GLS pakkeshop – 39 kr.

GLS home delivery – 49 kr.

DAO pakkeshop – 35 kr.

DAO home delivery – 39 kr.

Bring pakkeshop – 39 kr.

How long is the delivery?

We work very hard to get your mix to you as soon as possible.

Right after the payment is completed, we can start mixing.

Usually, you can expect to have your order within 2 – 5 days – depending on your choice of delivery.

Where are the ingredients from?

Some ingredients are local and some had to travel quite a long journey before they can be in your bowl :).

When we can – we prefer local producers, nevertheless, many of our ingredients need to have far more sun and far more warmer temperature and for that reason, Denmark is an awesome place to live, not as much to grow :).

I am missing my favourite ingredient.. What can I do?

We work constantly on improving and expanding our product portfolio and if your favourite ingredient is missing – please, let us know! You can leave us a message on Facebook, Instagram or write us an e-mail.

A lot of the fruit is freeze-dried.. What does it mean?

The freeze-drying (or lyophilization) means that the fruit is dried in a deep frost and in low pressure. It causes that the water from the fruit changes to a steam and will not freeze (sublimation).
Thanks to this process, the structure and the taste of fruit is preserved as well as all the vitamins and minerals. The fruit is therefore 100% natural and without added sugar.