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Never underestimate the power of chocolate

You try to eat healthy, you exercise, you drink a lot of clear water or those amazing waters with mint, basil or cucumber inspired by awesome Instagram photos. You do everything right and you just feel great!

But from time to time, even you deserve to relax. Calm down your body, just breathe freely and treat yourself!

It is to be said that eating of chocolate will bring you the same feeling as falling in love. You can fall in love over and over again without having partner problems! And how awesome is that 😊?

But chocolate will not only cheer you up, the regular eating of quality chocolate is also beneficial for your health! Okay, just to be clear, that does not mean to eat kilograms of chocolate every day (I wish). But according to many, the regular eating of dark chocolate will lower the risk of heart disease.

So, you can feel great and do something for your health at the same time!

Don´t tell me, you would not want to taste this little piece of happiness right now! 😊

Callebaut® chocolate is finest Belgian chocolate with more than 100 years old tradition. The chocolate has an excellent quality based on the careful pick of cocoa beans and the care of the whole process, great taste and perfect melting condition!

That is why we want you to enjoy your moments with probably the best chocolate in the world. But not only that!

We only want what is the best for you and therefore you can pick between two chocolates with single origin – Java and Madagascar. Single origin means that the cocoa beans were harvested in the mentioned countries and as those countries have a different climate, of course, the cocoa beans taste different and that is why we love it! 😊